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About Doctor Laura Hershey

Before graduating Cum Laude in 1989 from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, Dr. Hershey was a chemistry major. She put herself through school by working as a masseuse for Sitmar Cruises. While working on these ocean liners she met several vacationing chiropractors who sparked an interest in her to pursue studies in the chiropractic area.

Dr. Hershey uses a very gently style of chiropractic adjusting. She has studied DNFT. She studied DNFT with Dr. Phil Convertino. She studied DNFT with Dr. Chris John. She has studied ReAL with Dr. Asher Rodrigues, Dr. William Boro, and Dr. Randy Bryant. Her technique is a little different from all of those teachers. She does not have permission to use the DNFT acronym, although she has attended several DNFT seminars and received California chiropractic relicensure credit for them.

She currently has a home practice in the community of Ocean Beach in the city of San Diego.

Apart from her very gentle form of chiropractic, Dr. Hershey utilizes Emotional Freedom Technique to help clients deal with physical or emotional issues.

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